Controversial film sparks outrage from all sides

One year ago, activist Regan Russell was run over and split in two by a livestock truck outside a slaughterhouse in Toronto, Canada.

Our short documentary film investigates this brutal incident. It quickly received millions of views as the comments were filled with heated engagement from all sides.


We interviewed eyewitnesses, legal experts and local officials to get to the bottom of what really happened the day she was killed.

Ultimately we found that her death transcended a story far beyond animal rights or the troubling behavior of one driver.

Regan’s death was a flashpoint that magnifies issues of corporate influence in our political systems and the right of ordinary citizens to freely document and inform the public about pressing social concerns without the threat of imprisonment or hefty fines.

And this is just the beginning. Watch the full film here:

We Are Their Voice|The Regan Russell Story

We are Their Voice | The Regan Russell Story

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