Vegans! What’s wrong with some of you!? There is no time to waste defending against sheer insanity. The facts are overwhelmingly on your side so act like it.

  1. Judgmental Vegans: Don’t pretend to NOT be judgmental. It’s okay. What human character trait is more judgement worthy than someone who tortures animals? If you saw someone torturing a puppy, isn’t judgement warranted? I guess you could try to be polite and say, “Excuse me, have you thought about not torturing that puppy?” They will most likely reply, “Don’t tell me how to live my life you judgmental asshole.” Then just nod and say, “You’re right, continue torturing that little tiny defenseless dog, sorry for not keeping my judgement to myself.”

Jordan Ehrlich
The Animal Issue



A documentary film production company founded by Jordan Ehrlich

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