Extreme Model Refuses to Kill Animals for Money

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2 min readMar 30, 2021


New Animated Short by CaveLight Films

CaveLight Films 2021


Australian model, Emma Hakansson REFUSES to wear animals for any reason… even when big brands are willing to pay her cold hard cash to do so.

That means: No fur. No leather. No wool. And no down.

When brands approach her to model their new duds, her first question is:

“Are your clothes made ethically and are they made of animals?”

But Emma’s refusal to wear someone else’s skin or sport the fur of a dead carcass makes her, you guessed it… “extreme” in the eyes of many potential clients.

Emma Hakansson, 2019


The simple answer is… that most people don’t know the horrific level of suffering that goes into making a wool sweater or a pair of leather boots.

Unfortunately these secrets are kept hidden, for a reason.

So when Emma confronts various people in the fashion industry with the facts, their defense mechanisms go into high gear.

“They think I’m just being a little bit extreme and that’s because they don’t understand what goes on in their supply chains.”

Extreme Emma, 2021


As filmmakers, we asked ourselves how we could truly depict the trials and tribulations of an “Extreme Model” in the fashion industry.

Spoiler alert, it was to just draw it.

CaveLight Films’ new animated short gets to the heart of a vegan model in a not so vegan world as Emma confronts fashion execs with some harsh truths about their clothing.

Her bold stance not only gives agencies and brands something to think about, but also reveals a simple universal truth.

“We all love animals and we don’t want to see them being harmed. That’s why it’s an uncomfortable conversation.”

However, it is a conversation that must be had.

And maybe if we all knew the truth we’d all be a bit more extreme.




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