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A night of amazing people and delicious vegan food in NYC!

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3 min readMay 25, 2022

THE MISSION: Eat, Drink & Hang with Great People

At CaveLight Films we do our best to build community and spread awareness about the most pressing issues of our time.

Over the past two years we’ve been hyper-focused filming and editing horrific films about the perils of animal agriculture. So we decided it was finally time to do something fun and launch our in-person vegan event series.

The goal was to create a space where professionals in media, food, fashion, and the animal rights community could network while devouring the most delicious vegan food and drinks NYC has to offer.

THE FOOD: A Mix of Amazing Local Vegan Dishes

Since it was the launch of our event series, we wanted to make sure we featured some of the best vegan food around.

The main course was catered by Party Animals Catering. The culinary wizard behind this outfit is Michael Barootjian. He rolled out a spread which consisted of eggplant rollatini, baked ziti, crab-less cakes, mackin’ cheese balls, rice balls and garlic knots. People loved it and unfortunately for us, we didn’t have any leftovers.

We added to this feast with some insanely delicious “Cheeseburger” and “Philly Cheese Steak” empanadas from VSPOT, a NYC food and comedy spot run by Danny and Alex Carabano. I think it’s fair to say these are the best empanadas we’ve ever had.

For dessert we featured a variety of our favorite cupcakes from the renowned Chef B and Aaron Beener (who was in attendance) at Seasoned Vegan. Picture the softest, most moist and tasty cupcake you have EVER had (actual picture below).

We also had two dozen freshly baked massive chocolate chip cookies from Terms of Endearment, which is better than any vegan or non-vegan chocolate chip cookie in the universe.

CaveLight’s Jamie Logan ate three of them before the party started and was immediately fired. Just kidding.

Animal rights squad guarding the cookies
Terms of Endearment Chocolate Chip Cookies
VSPOT Empanadas
Seasoned Vegan Cupcake

THE RESULT: Success!

People exchanged information, spoke about their latest endeavors and most importantly ate a ton of delicious food. A few lucky raffle winners won our aggressive vegan t-shirts, that will be sure to be great conversation starters for better or worse.

All in all, the mix of amazing people who are doing interesting and vital work in their respective industries made for a fun-filled night that was a huge success.

We plan on hosting many more of these events in the future including film screenings and of course lots more delicious food. So be on the lookout for future events!

If you would like to collaborate and showcase any of your vegan food, clothing or just want to see our films, check out our site and feel free to reach out anytime!

Feedback from our CaveLight Fans
Aaron Beener, Co-founder of Seasoned Vegan
Jordan Ehrlich with star/nephew of our latest kids cooking show
Jason Goldman, Pharmacy Films showing off his raffle win



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