Over 100,000 chickens are slaughtered in the streets of NYC — We documented it.

Kaporos, Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY — Every September

Controversial film sparks outrage from all sides

Many viewers were shocked by what they saw in the film…

“Freedom 4 All?” | Watch Now


Our new film about the controversial animal rights org taking on an international corporate giant

Activists protest in body paint — NYC, Dec 2020


CaveLight Films 2021


Emma Hakansson, 2019


Documenting the fight to ban the 80+ “wet markets” in New York City during a global pandemic

New York City — April 2020

An essay by Jordan Ehrlich


  1. Judgmental Vegans: Don’t pretend to NOT be judgmental. It’s okay. What human character trait is more judgement worthy than someone who tortures animals? If you saw someone torturing a puppy, isn’t judgement warranted? I guess you could try to be polite and say, “Excuse me, have you thought about not torturing that puppy?” They will most likely reply, “Don’t tell me how to live my life you judgmental asshole.” …

CaveLight Films

A documentary film production company founded by Jordan Ehrlich

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