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CaveLight Films 2021


Australian model, Emma Hakansson REFUSES to wear animals for any reason… even when big brands are willing to pay her cold hard cash to do so.

That means: No fur. No leather. No wool. And no down.

When brands approach her to model their new duds, her first question is:

“Are your clothes made ethically and are they made of animals?”

But Emma’s refusal to wear someone else’s skin or sport the fur of a dead carcass makes her, you guessed it… “extreme” in the eyes of many potential clients.

Emma Hakansson, 2019



Documenting the fight to ban the 80+ “wet markets” in New York City during a global pandemic

New York City — April 2020

It’s not just China, it’s everywhere. There are over 80 live animal slaughter markets in NYC alone, filled with unimaginable abuse and disease.

As the nation and the city tried to adjust to lockdown living, we decided the stakes were too high not to investigate further.

We connected with a network of animal activists who have been secretly documenting the conditions at these markets for years. Their mission is simple–shut these places down immediately.

So we grabbed our film gear, masks and proceeded with caution…

An essay by Jordan Ehrlich


They champion important progressive causes. They speak out against injustices, big and small. They’re extremely vocal about the drastic action needed to mitigate impending environmental disaster. In general, their passion and agenda are commendable.

Those same well-meaning liberals also pay others to brutally torture animals and decimate the planet every day on their behalf. (facts below)

When I inquire about this glaring inconsistency, I’m given a wide range of excuses wrapped in intellectual rationales and political theories that deflect blame toward the corporations they willingly give their money to or the government’s lack of meaningful regulation.

The Misguided Neoliberal…

I wanted to see it with my own two eyes.

So on a cold Thursday morning this past Fall I packed my camera gear, picked up our camera operator and headed from our offices in Brooklyn, NY to a slaughterhouse in Newark, NJ.

We arrived at 6AM and there was already a truck packed with animals waiting outside for the facility to open. (Well, I guess the animals weren’t waiting, the driver was.)

Surrounding the truck was a group of animal activists giving water to the animals, so we started filming. What quickly unfolded was not something we were expecting.

Vegans! What’s wrong with some of you!? There is no time to waste defending against sheer insanity. The facts are overwhelmingly on your side so act like it.

  1. Judgmental Vegans: Don’t pretend to NOT be judgmental. It’s okay. What human character trait is more judgement worthy than someone who tortures animals? If you saw someone torturing a puppy, isn’t judgement warranted? I guess you could try to be polite and say, “Excuse me, have you thought about not torturing that puppy?” They will most likely reply, “Don’t tell me how to live my life you judgmental asshole.” …

A personal essay about the worst atrocity in the history of the world.

I have one question. It’s hounded me for years.

How can all my amazing super-smart well-adjusted good-hearted friends and family be able to rationalize torturing animals every day?

It’s an annoyingly absurd question, I know.

But for 20 years I feel like I’ve been living in a perpetual episode of the Twilight Zone wrestling with variations of this same question. How and why would the people I love and respect the most allow themselves to be culpable in the worst atrocity in human history?

I don’t mean…

CaveLight Films

A documentary film production company founded by Jordan Ehrlich

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